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You may have experienced a blockage in your drain that makes it difficult for water to pass through. This can be caused by many different things, such as grease buildup or tree roots from nearby trees.

If you’re experiencing this problem, contact us at Drain Unblocking Service and we’ll send out one of our professionals to help unblock your drain so you can get back to living life in the fast lane!

If you need a drain unblocking service, then we can help with any type of blockage!

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The best provider of drainage services in the local area, including unblocking services


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Drain repair is a speciality of ours and something we do with the best equipment available


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We provide affordable drain clearance to clear drains of clogging, debris and blockages


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Toilets, sinks, u-bend, p-trap, shower, bathtubs and bathroom drain unblocking services

Drain Unblocking Blackburn

Drain Unblocking Services are often necessary when a person is faced with a clog in their drain. This can be caused by many different things, and some of them include grease buildup from food particles, hair, or other debris that has fallen into the pipe.

When this happens it can cause an unpleasant odour to escape from the sink and even create problems with wastewater backing up into your home. To remedy these issues you would need to call for professional help which includes using heavy equipment and chemicals to completely remove any blockages so they don’t happen again. You may also want to consider installing garbage disposal if you have one near your kitchen sink as this will keep more particles from getting down the drain in the first place!

Drains are often clogged by hair, clothing fibres, and sand. This causes the water to back up in your sink or bathtub. When this happens call Drain Unblocking Service for an emergency drain clean-out service that will have you flowing freely again in no time!

Drain Unblocking Service has been a leading provider of drain and sewer cleaning services for over 30 years. Our team is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work performed. If you have any questions about our company or if you need immediate assistance with your plumbing needs, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any of your queries and provide an estimate for free without obligation.

If you have a clog in your sewer line, we can help. Our team of professionals are available 24 hours per day to clear any obstruction from the pipes and drains that may be causing an issue with water flow. We specialise in residential plumbing services which include drain cleaning, toilet repair or replacement, bathroom remodelling installation and more. Give us a call today for all of your drainage needs!

Drains are an important part of any home. They serve to remove waste from the house and keep it flowing away safely. When drainage systems get blocked, they can cause serious problems for your property such as flooding or worse yet, sewage backup in a basement or other area where there is standing water. If you have been experiencing these symptoms but unsure why this may be happening, call Drain Unblocking Company before things escalate even further! We specialise in unclogging drains with expertise that ranges from simple snaking services to more complex hydro jetting techniques when necessary. No matter what type of drain clog we encounter on-site, our team will work diligently until it’s completely cleared up so you can go back to normal life!

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